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7 Main Reasons To Start Blogging


Blogging is a very popular platform nowadays. Writing is a hobby, there are many people around us. But many people cannot maintain the hobby in pursuit of a livelihood. Gradually, many people do not have time to write for focusing on their careers.

Those who continue to write a little can not survive in the end. Even 10 years ago, one could have managed to make money by writing books or at least in newspapers or magazines. Now that is also not possible. People are so busy reading ‘Facebook’ now, they don’t have time to read ‘Book’.

Blogging has opened the door to endless possibilities for people who have strangled their writing hobbies to save their careers. Blogging has given many ways to make money. By blogging, people can now make more money than print media writings.

Do you know the biggest benefits of blogging? Not just making money. Your writing is not likely to be rejected anymore! You are the author, you are the publisher! And you can see the reader’s reaction instantly.

You can use your free time to earn some money as well as to satisfy your hobbies. In a student’s life, we ​​usually use our leisure time and earn by doing tuition or coaching. But by utilizing the same time, you will have the opportunity to earn more money through blogging. And you can’t imagine how much you will learn while blogging.

In today’s article, I will discuss 7 main reasons why you should start blogging.

These 7 reasons are:

  1. Royalty Earnings
  2. Freedom
  3. Always Learning
  4. Writing Skill & English language Development
  5. Low Investment Business
  6. Various Income Source
  7. Dream Job

Each of the above reasons will be discussed in detail in this article and after reading the whole article you will understand-

  • Will you really should start blogging?
  • What do you need to do to start blogging?
  • What are the benefits of starting a blog?
  • Will Blogging Add Value to Your Career?
  • What will blogging can help in your future?
  1. Royalty Earnings

Many of us have no clear idea about Royalty Earnings. What is Royalty Earnings? Suppose you don’t work after a certain period of time but you can still earn money based on that work. This type of earning method is called Royalty Earnings.

Since blogging is a part of writing, I give the example of Royalty Earnings to the book author. Suppose an author writes a book, he earns money from the sale percentage of that book. Even after his death, his family will continue to receive money from the sale percentage for as long as his books continue to be sold. This is called Royalty Earnings.

There are thousands of ways that Royalty Earnings can be made, not just writing. There are apps or software, YouTube videos, or many types of digital products from which Royalty Earnings can be made very easily.

Royalty Earnings has a worldwide reputation as an excellent way to earn money.

Blogging is also a Royalty Earnings platform and the greatest approach in the context of the current era. You can make money from articles you write but year after year. But remember, the writing must be of good quality and make sure that the writing is not copied from anywhere. No matter what you write about, do good research on that topic and then write with your own creativity. And in the current age of technology, there is no shortage of online resources for research. There are thousands of sites where you can easily find resources and learn about anything. All that is needed is your learning mentality and action to learn.

  1. Freedom

Freedom is the first choice of all those who blog. You can work if you want, you can stop working if you don’t want to. You don’t have any accountability for not working. Because you are your boss.

There is no obligation to work from 9 am to 5 pm. But remember that the more you work, the more you will be able to make more profit.

Thousands of people across the world have taken up blogging as one of the main sources to earn a living or the only way to make a living. The main reason for this is the amount of time you have to spend on blogging but the income ratio is higher than spent time. Extra facility and the main facility is that you have full freedom to work.


  1. Always Learning

No matter what you write about, you have to have a very good and clear idea about that topic. And no one has the idea, it has to be achieved. You also need to know, learn, research your subject/related topic. The more you know, the better quality of writing you can give to your readers. This way you can always learn something and can enrich yourself with knowledge.

  1. Writing Skill & English Language Development

Maybe you’re your own boss. You don’t have any accountability if the writing is not up to mark. But think about it, if your writing is not good, will someone come to read your writing? Not at all. So you always have to focus on how to improve your writing. After blogging for a while, you will see that your writing skills have improved a lot. In other words, while blogging, you have also acquired beautiful writing skills!

If you are blogging in English, there is no better way to improve your English skills or master the language. In order to be successful in blogging, you have to ensure the quality of your writing, as well as accurate writing. That is why you will always have an urge to learn English which is the main reason for your English Language Development.

  1. Low Investment

Now you may be wondering why you have to invest here. Yes, you can write a blog for free. There are many platforms where you can write free of cost. But if you think you need money for the time you spend or if your main goal is to make money from blogging then you must invest some money.

Why investment? You will need a domain that is your online identity and hosting to host the articles and websites. You need a design a beautiful website. If you develop it with someone, it will cost you 100 USD to make a blog site. This one-time investment is nothing is terms or the amount of money you will get from blogging.

And if you are dedicated and have a learning mindset, you can easily learn how to create a blog website by watching YouTube (you can learn it from our channel in YouTube “Mastermind Hacks” and from our this blogsite). To be honest, creating a website is very easy. Anyone can now create a website using the WordPress platform. All you need is a little effort.

The price of the domain is almost the same. But there are many types of hosting available. You do not need to take expensive hosting in the beginning. Start with the cheapest one. Because it will take a few months for you to understand everything. It will take a few more months to bring enough visitors or many readers to your site. So it is a waste of money to take more powerful hosting in the beginning. After understanding the situation, you will be able to change it easily.

6.Various Income Source

Blogging will open up many ways for you to earn income. You can earn money only by getting visitors to your site for your writing. You will get paid for the ads displayed on your site from Google Adsense or similar platforms. There are many ways out of this. For example, affiliate marketing, digital content selling, sponsored posts, etc. For having so many opportunities, many people are able to take blogging as their main profession.

  1. Dream Job

Only blogging can give you the job you dreamt of! You can earn money when you are sleeping or spending time with your family! What can people expect more than this!

In very rare cases, or if you’re not extra lucky, it usually takes at least a few years for full-time earnings to come from blogging. If you are blogging in the right way for the first few years, then this is definitely bound to be your dream job. But the beginning time is very difficult. It takes a lot of writing, a lot of research, a lot of learning. Lots of time to spend here. The more time you give, the more you will grow. If you comply with everything and move in the right direction, your hardship will be reduced as the days go by. There are two reasons for this.

One, it will take you more time to write in the early days. The more you get into the habit of writing, the less time it will take and the quality will be getting better.

Two, let’s say you write an article every day or every two days. After 3-4 years, the number of articles on your site will be 1000-1500! Think once and assume how many people are searching related to your topic every day. You have written about 1000-1500 topics like this. Someone will come to your site every minute for any of your written topic! Think about how many readers you can able to attract. Can’t you convince your dream job by working only 3-4 years?


In this article, I have tried to give you the basic idea of ​​blogging. I hope after reading the whole article you have got the answer to whether you will start blogging or not. And I’m not telling you to take blogging as the one and only way to earn a living right now or to start blogging by giving up everything.

Before you start blogging, you need to know a lot of things, which you will gradually learn. If you have patience with the mentality of learning, you will be able to take this blogging as a career one day. But if you want to make money overnight or can’t be patient, you shouldn’t waste time in the blogging world.

And if you think you can, then get started learning. You are welcomed for reading the rest of my articles regarding blogging tips and tricks. Remember, you have to come to the blogging world by knowing all the basic details. And it will take a little time to know the details. But if you don’t know it well, you may not be able to get the right approach and you may not be able to succeed because of making mistakes.


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